Close up of the Scottish Parliament Building in Edinburgh

The Scottish Parliament

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Scottish Parliament, Holyrood, Edinburgh, EH99 1SP

The iconic Scottish Parliament building at Holyrood is home to the Parliament of Scotland. The building opened in 2004 and to mixed reactions, due to its high cost and modern architectural design. Politicians make many of Scotland’s important decisions here. It is now open to the public and has become a popular visitor attraction.

Scottish Parliament Visits and Tours

The Scottish Parliament building is open to visitors Monday to Saturday, excluding recess dates. There is no entry charge and areas available to the public include the Debating Chamber, Parliament Exhibition, shop and cafe. You don’t need to book in advance to enter the public areas, it you should pre-book the free guided tour if you want a guaranteed place.

The guided tours last for approximately one hour and provide information on the architecture, history and the current work of the Scottish Parliament. The live tours are in English only, but handsets are available in various languages. Art and Literature Tours are also on offer.

Explore the Parliament Exhibition for an overview of how the Scottish Parliament works including its role within Scotland, the UK and Europe, its devolved powers and how it passes laws.

When Parliament is in session, visitors may take a seat in the public gallery of the Debating Chamber or attend a Committee Meeting. Tickets are required for these events, but they are free and available to request online.

Other services onsite include a souvenir shop, cafe for refreshments, and a free creche available for children under 5.

Visit the Scottish Parliament Building

See the Scottish Parliament website for more information.