Headquarters of the Bank of Scotland on The Mound in Edinburgh

Museum on the Mound

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Museum on the Mound, The Mound, Edinburgh, EH1 1YZ

This is a museum all about the stuff that makes the world go round – money. The museum can be found inside the magnificent Bank of Scotland building at the top of the Mound (now the Scottish Headquarters for Lloyds Bank). There are seven rooms in total, telling the story of money and banking though displays and exhibitions.

The Story of Money and Banking

The Bank of Scotland was founded in 1695, making it Scotland’s oldest bank. This museum explores the bank’s history and how it has changed over time. There is also a detailed history of the building, with interactive maps and 3D models. Artefacts on display include the bank’s original founding Act from 1695, the ledger placed in a pub to attract the first investors and the Bank’s 18th century iron money chest.

The museum also explains the history of money and how the concept has evolved over the last 4000 years – from early units of currency made from shells and feathers to today’s coins and notes. There is also the opportunity to see what a million pounds in cash actually looks like.

In addition to the permanent displays, special exhibitions and temporary installations are sometimes held in the museum. There is also a gift shop on site, with profits going to the bank’s nominated charities.

Visit the Museum on the Mound

Admission to the museum is free. See the Museum on the Mound website for more information.