Edinburgh MagicFest

Edinburgh International Magic Festival 2017

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Fri 30 Jun – Sat 8 Jul 2017, various venues.

Edinburgh MagicFest is the UK’s largest magic event. Founded in 2010, it is a relatively new addition to the Edinburgh Festivals. It was created to bring amazing magic back to the live stage and has grown each year. The programme includes an exciting variety of world-class events, unforgettable performances and jaw-dropping stunts from some of the greatest illusionists, mind readers and accomplished magicians.

Festival Highlights

The festival will launch with a three day MagicFair at Summerhall. This ‘magic theme park’ will feature over 80 live magic shows and 20 of the greatest illusionists from around the world. There are three sessions catering for different age groups – all ages, over 7s and adults only.

The amazing closing Gala Show on 8th July will be held at the Festival Theatre, with the theme ‘Levitations’. This extravaganza will see the greatest illusionists and circus acts from around the world defy the laws of gravity and perform visually stunning and dreamlike flights of fancy.

Other highlights include Magic School at Quaker Meeting House for kids aged 7-10, where students learn, create and perform their own magic tricks. The hugely popular Secret Room returns to Lauriston Castle along with new venues Riddle’s Court and The Writers’ Museum. The tour transports guests back in time to explore mysteries of the past with stories and illusions. From The Dark at Assembly Roxy invites the curious to experience a sensory show while blindfolded in complete darkness. Originally designed for the blind, this one-of-akind show has been adapted so that both non-sighted and sighted people can experience it. There will also be special performances from magicians and mind readers David Stone, Paul Wilson, Morgan and West, Dave Alnwick and Like Eaton.


The full programme and tickets are available now on the Edinburgh MagicFest website.