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Doors Open Days 2018

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29 – 30 Sep 2018, various venues.

Doors Open Day gives you the chance to visit places for free that are usually closed to the public or charge an entry fee to get in. For one weekend only, over a hundred buildings in Edinburgh will take part. As they open their doors and share their unique stories with the public. There is so much to discover, with many venues offering behind the scenes tours, exhibitions, talks and family-friendly activities.

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You can search all participating venues on the Doors Open Days website. You may have to pre-book a slot to visit some of the places.

Doors Open Day 2018 Edinburgh Highlights …

St Bernard’s Well on the banks of the Water Of Leith is an ornate 18th century well based on the design of the ancient Roman Temple of Vesta. It was restored in 2013, as the last of Edinburgh’s Twelve Monuments programme.

The Lothian Buses Depot puts on a brilliant family fun weekend every year for Doors Open Days. Modern and vintage buses are on display, in addition to lots of activities including rides through the bus wash.

The art deco style Leith Theatre was a gift from the people of Edinburgh to the people of Leith, after Leith officially merged with the City of Edinburgh in 1920. It opened in 1932, but has been derelict for many years. Now, the theatre is finally in use again and this is your chance to see inside it for the first time in three decades.

The Anatomical Museum at the Old Medical School on Teviot Place is usually a study space for medical students only. However, on Doors Open Day you can explore this amazing collection of objects and specimens for yourself. Including the skeleton of William Burke, one half of the notorious due Burke and Hare.

Possibly the smallest venue, take a peek inside an iconic Edinburgh Police Box. There are many of these located across the city, with various modern uses. This one is at the junction between Northfield Broadway and Mountcastle Drive North. It will be full of 1930s/40s props to show its original use.

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