Ruins of Scottish Castle on a sunny day
Credit: Historic Environment Scotland

Craigmillar Castle

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Craigmillar Castle, Craigmillar Castle Road, Edinburgh, EH16 4SY

Craigmillar Castle is located in the south east of Edinburgh. The Preston family of Craigmillar had it built as a home between the 14th and 16th centuries. But by the 18th century it fell into ruin. Historic Scotland now own and run it as a tourist attraction.

A Piece of Medieval History

The Medieval Scottish castle was extended and altered for many years. So, it has a very unusual design with lots of nooks and crannies to explore.

At the heart of the castle is the original 14th century tower house. This stands 17 metres high and offers fantastic views over the city. It’s one of the oldest in Scotland and contains a network of rooms, such as the Great Hall and ‘Queen Mary’s Room’, where Mary Queen of Scots is said to have slept .

Other highlights include the 15th century courtyard wall complete with keyhole-shaped gunholes, and the beautiful castle grounds with the remains of a unique fishpond in the shape of the letter P (for Preston). At the entrance there are also two striking Yew trees, believed to have provided wood for bows and arrows in medieval times.

Visit Craigmillar Castle

You can reach Craigmillar Castle by bus from the city centre. See the Historic Scotland website for ticket prices and more information.