Yo Sushi Edinburgh

Yo! Sushi, Princes Street

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Wed 22 Apr 2015

It was such a beautiful day yesterday! I decided it was time I took my two year old and two month old into town together for the first time on public transport. We took the train and it was actually not too stressful.

I had arranged for us to meet a friend and her baby girl for lunch. So, the five of us went to try out the new Yo! Sushi Japanese restaurant on Princes Street. It’s on the first floor, so we were very pleased to see there was a lift for the buggies.

As we arrived the staff greeted us straight away and helped us by getting high chairs and parking up the buggies. The high chairs there are great – they recline right back so are suitable even for little babies. Paper and crayons were provided to keep my toddler entertained.

We could see bowls of food whizzing around the restaurant on a conveyor belt, but were a bit confused as to how it all worked. Our waitress explained that they made the cold dishes in advance and then added them to the conveyor belt. You could help yourself to the ones you wanted as they came past your table. There were seven different colours of plate, each corresponding to a different price (ranging from two to five pounds.) In addition you could order hot food from the menu, also colour coded. At the end of the meal the staff count up your empty plates to calculate your bill.

Yo Sushi Edinburgh

I wanted to try sushi, but I don’t really like the idea of eating raw fish, so picked up a plate of Spicy Chicken ‘inside-out’ Sushi Rolls with rice on the outside of the seaweed. They were filled with Chicken thigh katsu and katsu sauce and coated in shichimi. I also ordered two hot dishes – Duck Gyoza dumplings with hoisin sauce and Chicken Katsu Curry served with rice. Everything was full of flavour and nicely cooked.

The place is very child-friendly but there is no kids menu and there was nothing there that my two year old would eat. I had brought some snacks with me just in case, so she had them instead. 

I’m not very familiar with Japanese food myself, but I found there were lots of nice sounding things on the menu and I would certainly go back to try more of them.

The restaurant is located opposite Princes Street Gardens, so we had a lovely walk across there in the sunshine afterwards.

Yo! Sushi, 78 Princes Street, Edinburgh, EH2 2ER