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Supercube Karaoke Rooms

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Sun 2 Apr 2017

I first discovered karaoke when went to a work friend’s leaving night many years ago. It was at a club with private karaoke rooms, and although I planned on just going along for a drink, I ended up singing my heart out and completely loving it! I thought I would hate singing in front of people, but being in a small room with friends makes it much less intimidating. In fact, it makes it loads of fun!!

Interior view of Supercube Edinburgh

Aware of my love of karaoke rooms, my bridesmaids surprised me with a visit to Supercube for my hen night, six years ago. I’m sure some of my friends were a bit shy at first, but by the end of the night everyone had joined in. I had such an amazing time, but had never been back. Now I have two young kids and there isn’t much time for that kind of night out. But recently, a couple of other mummies and I decided we should go. We asked around our group of friends and some were reluctant to give it a go, but we got a small group together and off we went!

We arrived at Supercube at 10 pm and were shown to our little room. There was table service for the drinks. We just had to press a button when we wanted to place an order and someone would come in. The system was pretty easy to use. We were given three large directories full of songs, each with a code which you could then type into the system. You could also search for any song you wanted by name. The songs just queued up and played automatically one after the other. Then we just sang into the mic following the words on the screen. Simple but so much fun.

Supercube Edinburgh

It would be great if the system was a little more interactive. If instead of having to think of songs and look them up all the time, it would be easier if it showed the most popular songs on the screen and made suggestions based on your previous choices. I’m sure that will come in the future, but for now it works pretty well.

Our room at Supercube cost £30 per hour and was suitable for 3 to 7 people. They had a special offer on, pay for two hours and get a third free. I thought three hours might be too long, but honestly it flew by! I was truly disappointed when the time ran out, although at 1am it really was time to go home. That’s a late night for someone who has to get up early with two small children. Totally worth the tiredness though!

Supercube, 58a George Street, Edinburgh, EH2 2LR