Colourful macaroons in a round tin

A Visit to Stockbridge Market

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Mon 24 Mar 2014

Hello and welcome to my new blog! I’ve decided to keep a diary of the places I visit in and around Edinburgh. Hopefully it will give my readers some ideas for their own days and nights out in the city.

So, I’m going to dive straight in with a trip I took down to Stockbridge Market to see my friend Julie (a.k.a the Bad Tempered Baker) and her new stall full of cakes and tasty things. It was her first time there, so I went to show my support. And also just to have a general nosey about the market.

Stockbridge Market in Edinburgh

One of the perks of having a pastry chef as a friend is that she often brings cake when she comes to see me. So I have already sampled lots of her food and it is all amazing! So I was very happy to buy some lime and black pepper shortbread and some chocolate brownies, two of my favourites. I was lucky to get the brownies as I hear they sold out very quickly. I’m not surprised because I can honestly say Julie makes the best chocolate brownies I have ever tasted .. and I’ve tasted quite a few!

The weekly market provides a place for small traders to sell high quality produce. This week there were over 40 stalls offering a huge variety of foodstuffs, plus some non-foods. There was pasta, pies, curry, olives, chocolate, cakes, crepes, macaroons, marshmallows, wine, beer, tea, coffee, kids clothes, skincare, soap, art, dog food and much more.

I bought a few bit and pieces, and would recommend the pies from the Wee Pie Company. They use locally sourced natural ingredients and had lots of unusual fillings to choose from. I tried buffalo for the first time in their ‘Velvet Buffalo’ pie. Slow cooked in Guinness – it was very meaty, rich and tasty indeed!

The market is on 10 am to 5 pm every Sunday in Jubilee Gardens. That’s the little park bordered by Saunders Street and Kerr Street in Stockbridge, on the water of Leith. Well worth a visit!

Stockbridge Market, Jubilee Gardens, Edinburgh, EH3 6TQ