Activity wall at Scottish Storytelling Centre in Edinburgh
Credit: Scottish Storytelling Centre

Tiny Tales: How Does Your Garden Grow?

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Tue 8 Apr 2014

Today a friend and I took our one year old daughters to the Scottish Storytelling Centre for a session called ‘Tiny Tales: How does your garden grow?’. The 40 minute show was all about springtime, with songs and stories to entertain children aged one to three.

Scottish Storytelling Centre in Edinburgh

The storyteller Marie-Louise was very engaging and our girls seemed to really enjoy it. She held the attention of a room full of toddlers for a whole 40 minutes, which is very impressive! But I think perhaps they would have enjoyed it more if they were a tiny bit older, as there were lots of stories which they couldn’t really understand. There were familiar songs and lots of props to see and touch though, so plenty to keep them interested. It was a great experience.

There are two areas within the Storytelling Centre. There’s the Storytelling Bothy (where the sessions take place) and the Storytelling Cafe. The bothy and cafe were separated from each other by a temporary divide while the session was on. Afterwards they took the divide away, doubling the size of the cafe.

We decided to stay for lunch in the cafe. I had the Mumbai Chicken Deli-Style Roll, priced at £7.50. The tandoori style chicken with spiced mango mayo was very tasty. It came in a bread roll with grated carrot, fresh coriander and spinach. Although I enjoyed it very much, I did feel it was rather overpriced for a sandwich. I also took away a Dark Chocolate Broken Biscuit Tray Bake, which I ate on the way home. Very chocolatey and lovely!

After lunch the kids had fun on the ‘Storytelling Wall’. This is an activity wall with literature-themed things to look at and play with. Great to keep them amused while we finished up.

Storytelling Wall

The Scottish Storytelling Centre provides a great day out for those with children. Plus, they also put on many events for adult audiences. So, for more Tiny Tales and the full programme of events and prices see the Scottish Storytelling Centre website.

Scottish Storytelling Centre, 43-45 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1SR