Eleven ballet dancers under tree in Scottish Ballets production of Cinderella

Scottish Ballet: Cinderella

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Fri 11 Dec 2015

Last weekend I was invited with a friend to the Scottish Ballet’s Cinderella at the Festival Theatre. I had never been to the ballet before and was looking forward to seeing something new. I thought Cinderella would be a perfect show to start with – I hoped it would be easy to follow as the story is so well known.

Cinderella dancing at the Ball

As we arrived, they gave us a lovely programme, which included a short synopsis of each act. I found it useful to read this through beforehand, just to help me understand what was happening on stage. However, the story was pretty straight forward with no real surprises, so it was easy to follow along.

The show opened by introducing the characters we are already familiar with. Cinderella who is mourning the death if her mother, her down-trodden father, wicked stepmother and two cruel stepsisters. Cinderella is not allowed to go to the ball, but her fairy godmother appears and makes it all possible with a spell. It had all the magic you would expect from the classic tale. A glamorous ball, a satin slipper, a bejewelled rose, a handsome prince and a happy ending.

The music, sets and costumes were stylish and beautiful. It was impressive how the performers were able to bring their characters to life through dance alone, with no dialogue at all. The stepsisters provided some humour too – I think they were the best characters.

The whole show was very entertaining and visually stunning. I would definitely go back to the ballet again.

Cinderella is in Edinburgh until 31st December with tickets available on the Festival Theatre website from £13.50. A lovely way to brighten up the winter!

Festival Theatre, 13-29 Nicolson Street, Edinburgh, EH8 9FT