Royal Yacht Britannia berthed at Leith Dock
Credit: Marc Millar

Lunch at the Royal Deck Tea Room

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Mon 26 Oct 2014

The lovely folks at Royal Yacht Britannia recently sent me a family voucher for lunch in the Royal Deck Tea Room, as a thank you for being one of their top referrers in the last quarter (meaning I sent lots of visitors to their website). I thought this was a very nice gesture! So on Saturday I went along with my husband, two year old daughter and baby son.

Royal Deck Tea Room on board the Royal Yacht Britannia

The tea room is located on board the Royal Yacht and you can visit it as part of the tour. When the yacht was in service, the Royal Family used the area for deck games and entertaining. Then when it opened to the public it was converted into a tea room.

We arrived at about 1.30 pm and there was a small queue. It moved quickly and we were soon seated. There are large glass walls on both sides, one side looking out to the Firth of Forth, the other overlooking the shopping centre next door. I asked for a view over the water as it was so much nicer, but unfortunately the only tables available were on the shopping centre side.

For lunch we ordered Soup and Sandwich Platters served with smoked paprika potato wedges and garlic mayonnaise. I had roasted red pepper and vine tomato soup with a honey roast ham, tomato and mustard sandwich. It was all very tasty, especially the potato wedges.

Royal Deck Tea Room

When we’d finished our meals the tea room had become quieter and a few tables were now available at the other side of the room. I asked if we could possibly move over there for dessert, as my daughter wanted to look at the boats. The staff were brilliant and helped us to move over straight away. It was brighter and airier at this side and we had a much better view. Definitely more interesting for my toddler to look out on! I had toffee cake with a Bailey’s buttercream filling. It was amazing and so huge I couldn’t finish it.

We had a lovely time at the Royal Deck Tea Room. We were very lucky to have a voucher as lunch was quite expensive (£14 per person for soup and sandwiches). However, it would be worth going just for the tea and cake (£8.45 per person) and I would definitely recommend getting a table overlooking the water if you can. Access to the tea room is usually only available as part of the Royal Yacht Britannia Tour (adult tickets £14) but your ticket does include free entry for the rest of the year.

Royal Yacht Britannia, Ocean Drive, Edinburgh, EH6 6JJ