coloured children's blocks on a play mat

Rock Tots Playroom, Ratho

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Tue 22 Apr 2014

This Easter holiday I decided to try out the Rock Tots baby and toddler playroom at Edinburgh International Climbing Arena in Ratho. First and foremost it is a climbing centre, but there is also a gym and spa, fitness classes, conference and events space, arts and crafts centre and toddler play areas. The arena is difficult to reach by public transport, around 15 minutes walk from the bus stop. But it’s great if you have the car.

Rock Tots children's play room
Credit: Edinburgh Leisure

I went with my one year old daughter and a group of friends with their toddlers. We usually go to Scrambles Soft Play, also at the climbing centre, because Rock Tots is only open on weekends. However, during the school holidays it is on all week. Rather than soft play, Rock Tots is a huge room full of toys and activities for kids up to five years old. They describe it as “the bedroom that toddlers would design for themselves if they had the chance”. And it’s a bit like going to a very large Mums and Tots group. The price per session is £1.05 for babies under 12 months and £4.05 per toddler.

My daughter absolutely loved it, especially jumping around on the full size bouncy castle! There were little tables and chairs to sit at and draw, comfy reading areas, books, balls, bikes and trikes. Everything to keep her entertained. We were worried it would be really busy because it was the school holidays, but actually it was fine. There was plenty of room to run about and more than enough toys to go round.

After an hour and a half of mayhem the kids were suitably tired out, so we headed down to the cafe for some snacks. I just brought some toddler snacks with me and I had a tea and a slice of Orange Aero Cake. Delicious! The cafe has a nice atmosphere and it has a large window looking out to the climbing walls.


Climbing isn’t really my thing, but it did look very impressive!

Edinburgh International Climbing Arena, Ratho, Edinburgh, EH28 8AA