Four wine glasses clinking

Dinner at the Riccarton Inn

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Mon 14 Apr 2014

The Riccarton Inn is in Currie, to the south west of Edinburgh. ‘The Riccy’ as it is known locally was refurbished just last year and is a lovely informal place to go for a few drinks or a meal. It is modern in decor, but still has the feel of a traditional pub. The bar is very warm and welcoming with an open fire and there is a separate area for restaurant dining.

Chicken burger and chips and chocolate torte

I was there recently to catch up with some friends over dinner. I have been a few times before, so have tried some dishes on the menu already. The pies are delicious and I would also recommend the fish and chips and beef burgers. I wanted to have something different this time so went for the ‘chilli and lemongrass chicken burger’. It was nice enough, but I couldn’t really taste the chilli and to me it was a bit bland. For dessert I had the chocolate torte because it is amazing! It is very rich and perhaps a bit heavy for some, but I am a chocoholic so this is not a problem for me.

It was a very busy Friday night and service was quite slow. I have found the service to be slow here before and it would probably put me off going back with a large group. We still had a lovely evening and the prices were reasonable too. It worked out to be about £20 per head for two courses plus wine.

Riccarton Inn, 198 Lanark Road West, Edinburgh, EH14 5NX