Moretti Gran Tour

Moretti Gran Tour

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Fri 10 Jul 2015

I was delighted this week to receive VIP tickets to the Moretti Gran Tour, which is visiting Edinburgh from 9th to 12th July. This is an outdoor Italian street food market at Summerhall – with beer, food, music and masterclasses.

I arrived with my friend at about 7 pm, by which point the event was already in full swing. A member of event staff gave us our beer and food tokens along with a Moretti Gran Tour Passport, which was a small booklet with a page for each of the vendors on the market. He explained that if we visited each stall and got them to stamp the relevant pages in the passport,  we’d get a goodie bag at the end of the night.

Bira Moretti had transformed the courtyard at Summerhall into an Italian street food market. There was a bar in the middle and a row of food stalls each serving two or three taster dishes. A DJ was providing the entertainment and there was a small tent at the back with cooking masterclasses going on inside. It was pretty busy for a Thursday night. The weather was good and there was a nice atmosphere.

Moretti Gran Tour Edinburgh

First we went to the bar, where the choice of drinks was beer, beer, more beer .. or soft drinks. This was fair enough. It was a Moretti Beer event after all! However, I’m not much of a beer drinker. So I decided to try a shandy and it was actually very nice.

Then on to the food, the best bit! I had far too much to eat and it was all amazing! The food market included stalls from various UK Italian restaurants; Edinburgh’s La Favorita, Maialino Deli and Italian on the Mound, Glasgow’s North Star and Bonny Vita and Harrogate’s Brio Gelati. La Favorita was, funnily enough, my favourite vendor – where I sampled two delicious dishes – the Tricoloure Pizza (topped with tomato sauce and mozzarella, roasted chicken breast, seasoned potatoes, sliced pancetta and basil pesto) and the best Macaroni Cheese ever (baked macaroni with a three cheese sauce, pancetta, croutons and parsley). The other highlight was a Straciattella cone from Brio Gelati (vanilla ice cream with dark chocolate ripples).

Moretti Gran Tour Edinburgh

The masterclass looked like really good fun. We could see people being taught how to create their own ravioli and we would have loved a turn. When we arrived we asked if we could put our names down for a class. They said they were already fully booked but to come back at 8pm as not everyone had been turning up. When we returned they said the classes were over-running and to try again at 9pm. We gave up after that! It was the only bit of the event that seemed disorganised, but it didn’t spoil our night. It would have just been an added bonus to do a class.

On our way out we handed in our stamped passports and collected our goodie bags, which contained 2 bottles of beer and a Birra Moretti glass. So that was a nice little present to take home for my husband.

I would definitely recommend the Moretti Gran Tour if you love Italian beer and food. The event is at Summerhall in Edinburgh until Sunday night and then moves on to London and Leeds.