Waterfall surrounded by rocks and plants
Credit: Edinburgh Museums

A walk in the grounds of Lauriston Castle

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Tue 17 Jun 2014

On Sunday my husband, daughter and I took a lovely Father’s Day walk in the grounds of Lauriston Castle. It is located to the north west of Edinburgh and can be reached by bus from the city centre. We were driving and found it easily accessible from the City Bypass with parking available.

Japanese Garden in the grounds of Lauriston Castle

We started by walking up towards the castle. Then we turned left to the ‘Edinburgh-Kyoto Friendship Garden’ which opened in 2002. This is a beautiful Japanese garden, filled with oriental trees and plants, a central column, bamboo shelters, a pond and waterfall. It was very tranquil and relaxing and seemed well maintained. I think the staff should perhaps check it more often though, as I noticed graffiti and litter towards the back of the garden.

On leaving the Japanese garden we came to a path with the most magnificent view of the Firth of Forth and Cramond Island. This path brought us out to the back of the castle, which looked very pretty. A much better view than you get from the front. The Edinburgh Crochet Club were out in force on the crochet lawns.

Lauriston Castle and Crochet Lawns

Next we came to the formal Castle Garden which dates from the 1840s. There was a family workshop on for Father’s Day, and we could see a group had made their own bow and arrows in the Glasshouse and they were practicing archery in the garden. It looked like a fun event and something we might do in the future. As we left, we noticed there were tours available of the castle, which I would also like to do some time.

I would certainly recommend the grounds of Lauriston Castle for a nice picturesque walk.

Lauriston Castle, 2 Cramond Road South, Edinburgh, EH4 6AD