Head in the Clouds

Head In The Clouds

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Thu 25 Aug 2016

Every year I like to take my kids to at least one Fringe show. This time we went to see Ipdip Theatre’s Head In The Clouds. It’s aimed at ages 0 to 3, so it sounded perfect for my 1 and 3 year olds.

The show is on at the Royal Botanic Gardens, in a small room in the John Hope Gateway. The audience sat on cushions around a circular stage. It was a simple, dream-like story about Cirrus the sheep dog and his sheep, told by two shepherds. The sheep drift up into the clouds and Cirrus has to bring them back down.

The storytellers (Sophie Rose McCabe and Euan Cuthbertson) put on a gentle, imaginative and poetic show, set in the rolling hills of Cumbria. There was lots of interaction with things to see, touch and smell. So it was perfect for babies and younger children.

My three year old was asked up to the stage to help get the sheep to fly, which she really enjoyed. She loved the show and laughed along throughout. She talked about it for days afterwards. My one year old was a bit more timid. He just wanted to sit on my knee and seemed a bit confused. I think he enjoyed it though. My husband and I certainly did. It was lovely to see the expressions on our kids’ faces as they watched. At the end, the storytellers invited the audience to play with all the props and toys that they had used. This was a nice way to finish.

Head In The Clouds

We really enjoyed our family Fringe show and with tickets at just £5 each, it was great value. It was also nice to be based in the Botanic Gardens, as we had fun exploring them afterwards.

Head In The Clouds is on in Edinburgh until Sunday. Great fun for little ones and their grown ups too!

Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, Arboretum Place, Edinburgh, EH3 5NZ