Gary, Kevin and Anya on stage in front of the Funbox

FunBox Dinosaur Safari

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Tue 19 Jun 2018

We haven’t had much luck with dinosaurs over the last few years. My kids are now five and three years old. And although they love their dinosaur books and toys, they are always completely petrified of any kind of life-size puppets or animatronics. But when I saw that the kids’ show FunBox Dinosaur Safari was coming to the King’s Theatre in Edinburgh, we decided we would give it a try. We watched the trailer online together and saw that the dinosaur puppets were quite cartoony and friendly-looking. And I had heard such great things about FunBox in general.

FunBox is a children’s musical theatre group made up of three former members of The Singing Kettle. Some of you may remember them from childhood. In each show, Anya, Gary and Kevin perform traditional and new singalong songs. And they hunt for magic keys to open their mysterious FunBox.

Gary, Kevin and Anya on stage in front of the Funbox

This was our first time at FunBox and the kids were really excited about it. They didn’t really want to join in with the songs and actions, but were happy to sit and watch. I’m pleased to say, they loved the dinosaurs! Actually, they were a bit disappointed that there were only four dinosaur puppets in the show and they weren’t on stage for very long. It was mostly just the three performers singing and dancing. With special appearances from Bonzo the Dog, Kevin’s Granny (who looks an awful lot like her Grandson!) and a few other characters.

The songs were catchy and I joined in with the actions even if my kids wouldn’t. Anya, Gary and Kevin are very engaging and it was nice that there was an opportunity for some children to go up on stage and be part of the show. There was a really sweet moment when a little girl sang “Let It Go”.

At two hours long, including an interval, I felt that the show was too long. The first half was fine, but during the second half I could see lots of children starting to get restless, including my own three-year-old son.

I would recommend this show for young children who love singalong songs and nursery rhymes. And perhaps for parents nostalgic about The Singing Kettle from when they were little. FunBox have a variety of live shows and are currently touring all over Scotland. They’ll be back in Edinburgh for their Festival Fringe show in August.

King’s Theatre, 2 Leven Street, Edinburgh, EH3 9LQ