Foo Fighters Murrayfield

The Foo Fighters play Murrayfield

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Wed 9 Sep 2015

Last Christmas I got my husband tickets to the Foo Fighters gig scheduled for 23rd June at Murrayfield Stadium. Unfortunately the lead singer Dave Grohl broke his leg a couple of weeks earlier and the show was cancelled. The band were so apologetic, even though it was out of their hands, and promised to come back as soon as they could. They were true to their word and re-arranged for 8th September. We had to re-arrange a few things ourselves in order to go. As they are my husband’s favourite band, he really wanted to see them, so luckily we were able to make it work.

We arrived at Murrayfield at 6.30 pm. We got drinks from the bar and then made our way into the stadium. Our seats were in the middle of the West Stand, which were perfect. We had a good view of the stage and were not too far away. The support act Royal Blood were already on stage. I don’t know their music very well, but they were really good. I was surprised to see there were only two of them, as they sounded like a full band.

At 8 pm the Foo Fighters came on and the atmosphere completely changed. Dave Grohl is such a good showman! Even with his leg in plaster he totally owned the stage. After his accident he’d had a ‘Guitar Throne’ made, which can move back and forward. It lights up and even smokes, as he pointed out!

Over almost two and a half hours they played songs old and new, fast and slow, all the hits and a few lesser-known ones. Dave spoke to the audience a lot inbetween songs and kept saying how brilliant the Scottish fans were. I’m sure he says that to everyone, but they love to hear it! Then at the end as everyone started to leave he came back out on his crutches to thank the audience, which I thought was a nice touch.

I wasn’t very familiar with the Foo Fighters when I first met my husband ten years ago, but since then he has introduced me to their music and I like it too. I like them even more now I’ve seen them in concert. They just seem so natural when they play and you can see they truly love what they do and are so grateful to be there.

Tickets were not cheap at ¬£71.50 per person, but we had a brilliant night and I’m so glad my husband got the chance to see his favourite band live. The Foo Fighters are still on tour in Europe and America.

Murrayfield Stadium, Roseburn Street, Edinburgh, EH12 5PJ