View of Edinburgh with fireworks above Castle

Festival Fireworks Concert

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Tue 30 Aug 2016

Last night my friend and I went to the Fireworks Concert in Princes Street Gardens. To mark the end of the Edinburgh International Festival each year, a fireworks display is set to classical music and performed live by the Scottish Chamber Orchestra. I’ve always wanted to go, so was very excited.

We arrived with a picnic blanket and snacks at 20.30, an hour before the start. We had ‘standing tickets’, which means you get into the gardens, but not the actual bandstand. This means you have to walk around a bit to find a good spot. There were hundreds of people already there and we found it difficult to find a place where the view was not obscured by trees. We eventually found a place on the upper path, to the right of the bandstand, that seemed ok. The weather was mild and there was a great atmosphere in the gardens. I’ve never had a night time picnic before!

Fireworks Concert Edinburgh

At 21.30 the concert began. The announcement at the start explained that it had taken 7 days to set up all the fireworks for the show. The theme this year was Romeo and Juliet, to celebrate 400 years of Shakespeare. The music was from Prokofiev’s ballet of Romeo and Juliet and Leonard Bernstein’s West Side Story. For the finale, Shostakovich’s Festive Overture. The music was lovely and fitted perfectly with the visuals. It was amazing to watch the different shapes and colours of light moving to the music, with the backdrop of Edinburgh Castle. Our view was a little restricted, because of the trees, but we managed to see most of it. The waterfall of light was especially beautiful. Unfortunately my pictures, taken on my phone, don’t do them justice.

Fireworks in Edinburgh

What an absolutely stunning way to end the festival! We were lucky enough to get free tickets, but prices started from £13.50, which I think is great value. (Unfortunately it took me over an hour to get a bus home as it was soooo busy in town, but that was a small price to pay.)

Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh, EH2 2HG