Audience at MagicFair Family Morning in Edinburgh
Credit: MagicFest | Tommy Ga-Ken Wan

MagicFair Family Morning

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Mon 3 Jul 2017

Over the weekend we had our first experience of Edinburgh International Magic Festival with a family visit to MagicFair. During the first weekend of the festival, Summer Hall hosts the event billed as ‘a carnival of magic’ with many magic shows and events to choose from. We went to the Family Morning, suitable for all ages. It was geared towards young children, but they also did sessions for older children and adults later in the day.

MagicFest Edinburgh

When we arrived we were given the option to pre-book 3 of the shows on offer. Our kids are just 2 and 4 and they don’t sit still for long, so we decided to just go to one of the shows. We picked ‘Gary Dunn: Monkey Magic’, mainly because the magician had a monkey puppet on the poster and we thought the kids would like that.

Before the show, we went to check out some of the other activities. We liked the ‘Craft Area’ where the kids were able to make magic wands and hats to take away with them. The ‘Ribbon Maze’ was also good fun. We had to walk through an area full of hanging ribbons, which was much more disorientating than it sounds. It was quite hard to find our way back out again! My daughter had her face painted as a white rabbit in the courtyard. This was an additional £3, but worth it as she was so excited. She loves bunnies! Unfortunately they were too young for ‘Magic School’, a magic class for ages 7 to 12. That looked like lots of fun!

Next it was time for the magic show, which we all really enjoyed. Gary Dunn is a brilliant children’s entertainer, keeping the young audience captivated with jokes and tricks for half an hour. My 4 year old laughed along throughout and he even managed to keep the attention of my 2 year old. Later at home, they were both still talking and laughing about it.

MagicFest Edinburgh

We had a great time at the MagicFair Family Morning. The magic show was definitely the highlight. I would like to go back when the kids are a bit older so they can take part in more activities and see more shows. An adult ticket is £14, £8 for children and under 5s go free. Although MagicFair is over for this year, the festival continues until Saturday 8th July and there is still so much to see.

Summerhall, Summerhall Place, Edinburgh, EH9 1PL