Katie Kirby of Hurrah for Gin

An Evening with Katie Kirby

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Wed 25 Oct 2017

Last night I met one of my blogging heroes! Katie Kirby of the hilarious, touching and truthful parenting blog Hurrah For Gin. I discovered her blog when my youngest child was about one and I identified with it right away.

Katie’s blog is all about family life – the good, the bad and the ugly side. Her two boys are similar ages to my kids and I can really relate to the things she talks about. Both the humorous and more serious subjects. My absolute favourite post is The Chickenpox Diaries, which had me in actual tears of laughter the first time I read it. She’s a very good writer and she manages to be extremely funny and honest, but without sharing too much about her kids. It’s a balance which I think is quite hard for parent bloggers to get right. Anyway, you get the picture, I think this woman is great! When I heard she was coming to Edinburgh to talk about her new book, I just had to go along.

The Edinburgh Bookshop hosted the event upstairs at the Swedish bar Akva, in Fountainbridge. Katie was informally interviewed, answered some questions from the audience and introduced her new book The Daily Struggles of Archie Adams. I have already read her first book, entitled Hurrah for Gin. It’s an autobiography of her first 5 years as a Mum, incorporating some bits from the blog and using her unique stick drawings as illustrations. I loved it, so am looking forward to the new one, which is a little bit different. This one shows life through the eyes of a fictional toddler called Archie. It’s written in the style of this post, A memo to all toddlers re. your diet, an adult take on what a toddler might be thinking. I bought a copy at the event, so will be starting on that very soon.

There was a chance to meet Katie Kirby at the end. I’m absolutely terrible at making chit-chat with people I don’t know, but we had an awkward conversation about how lovely Edinburgh is and she signed my book. It was really lovely to meet Katie. She is an inspiration to lots of us Mums and I’m looking forward to reading the new book.

Katie Kirby, Hurrah For Gin