Actors from the Edinburgh Dungeon
Credit: Edinburgh Dungeon

Trip to Edinburgh Dungeon

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Wed 7 May 2014

Just been on a brilliant trip to Edinburgh Dungeon. So much fun, pretty scary and we learnt a bit of history too!

Edinburgh Dungeon is one of the city’s big tourist attractions. It’s a funny, light-hearted, interactive tour and show. And it takes you on a journey through a thousand years of gruesome Scottish history. Groups of around 30 people at a time walk through an underground maze full of live actors, special effects, 360 degree sets and rides.

When we arrived, there was a half hour queue for tickets. There was no queue at all for pre-booked tickets, so I would recommend booking in advance.

Edinburgh Dungeon Entrance Edinburgh

First a photographer took our picture in the stocks, against a blue screen. He gave us a ticket to collect the picture at the end. Then we started out on our tour.

As soon as you enter the dungeons it is very dark and there are lots of stairs and narrow corridors. The darkness makes everything much scarier, as you never know when someone is going to appear from round the corner or jump out at you from the shadows. The tour started with a 17th century court room scene in which various members of the audience were tried for terrible crimes such as witchcraft and cross-dressing. We were all found guilty and sent to perish in the dungeons. On our way we met notorious characters in Scottish history. We were captured by a gang of cave-dwelling cannibals, we chatted to William Walllace’s severed head, and were eventually sentenced to be hung in the Grassmarket.

The actors were all fantastic, both funny and scary in equal measure. They made it a truly interactive experience, with lots of audience participation. More than just a tour – it was like going to see a show, but instead of watching the stage from a distance you walk from scene to scene.

Edinburgh Dungeons

I loved the two rides. The Legend of Sawney Bean boat ride was so scary! It was mostly pitch black, with voices in the distance and things making us jump. I love drop rides so the Drop Dead ride at the end was great fun too.

At the end we viewed our photos from the stocks at the beginning of the tour and the drop ride at the end. We thought they were so funny and bought one as a souvenir of our trip.

Such a fun day, I would suggest it to anyone who wants to learn a little about Scotland’s history in a fun way. However it is a bit scary, and not recommended for children under eight years old.

Edinburgh Dungeon, 31 Market Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1DF