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The Amazing Dinosaur Zoo

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Mon 18 Aug 2014

I was happy to receive an invitation to see the hit family show Dinosaur Zoo last week. It’s now showing at The Pleasance as part of the Fringe Festival. My only concern was that the show is recommended for children aged 3+ and my daughter is not yet 2. So, the organisers advised me that if we sat on an aisle seat, we could always leave early if she didn’t like it.

Dinosaur Zoo is an amazing puppet show, bringing dinosaurs to life on stage. The venue was The Grand, the largest theatre in The Pleasance. It was full of excited children and their families. An Australian lady called Lindsey was our host. She introduced us to a variety of creatures with the help of two puppeteers. They started out with the smallest dinosaurs and worked their way up. I thought this was a great idea for any nervous children in the audience.

Lindsey was a very engaging presenter and the script was entertaining and funny for both children and adults. It was also very educational and we learnt a lot about the creatures that roamed Australia 65 million years ago. Throughout the show, she invited children up onto the stage to interact with the dinosaurs, and it looked like they all had a ball. The puppets were brilliant and I almost forgot the puppeteers were there at all.

Although interested at first, my daughter started to fidget after about 20 minutes. She was climbing all over the seats and we actually considered leaving, even though my husband and I were really enjoying ourselves. However, I’m so glad we didn’t leave! Much to my surprise, as soon as the larger scarier dinosaurs appeared she was completely enthralled and she sat still for the rest of the show.

Dinosaur Zoo Edinburgh

As we left the theatre, some of the dinosaurs followed us out to the courtyard, which was a great chance to see them up close.

We thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and I think it’s one of the best shows I’ve seen at the Fringe Festival (definitely the best kids’ show). I would recommend it to anyone with young children. I agree with the age recommendation of 3 and over, as it may scare some younger ones. Although my toddler enjoyed it very much. The show is on until 25th August and tickets are available on the Edinburgh Fringe website.

The Pleasance Courtyard, Edinburgh, EH8 9TJ