Exterior shot of Red Squirrel pub in Edinburgh

Christmas Shopping & Red Squirrel Lunch

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Sun 14 Dec 2014

Yesterday was our last chance to get all the Christmas shopping done, as we are going away next week to spend time with family. My husband, daughter and I caught the train into town early to avoid the crowds. After a cold, frosty morning traipsing up and down Princes Street we were finally finished. Now we were ready for some food and a rest!

As we were at the west end of Princes Street, we went to the Red Squirrel on Lothian Road. It has a nice warm atmosphere and my husband really likes their wide selection of draft ales. It was quite busy. However, we managed to get a table and a very friendly member of staff quickly served us. She was particularly welcoming to my two year old, which we appreciated as she was a little grumpy from all the shopping.

Red Squirrel Pub in Edinburgh

I thought the menu was quite limited, consisting only of starters, salads and burgers. Having said that there were lots of burgers to choose from. I went for The Italienne – a 6oz beef burger with buffalo mozzarella, sun blushed tomato, rocket and pesto mayonnaise. My husband had The Red Squirrel BBQ – a 6oz beef burger with smoked bacon, fried onions, peppers, smoked applewood cheddar and kc sauce. Our daughter shared with us.

The bill came to about £27 with drinks, which we found to be good value for money. Both burgers were delicious and we felt all full and warmed up after them. Ready to face the cold once more. As we left we saw a whole group of Santas on Harley-Davidsons driving past – something you don’t see every day! We later found out it was for a charity event.

We headed back towards Waverley Station at the other end of Princes Street, stopping in at the Christmas Market on the way. The market seemed huge this year and there was a lot going on. However, it was now early afternoon and we struggled to get through the crowds, especially with a buggy.

Christmas Market

If you plan on seeing the market, I highly recommend going early on a week day when it is much quieter. You can pick up some unusual gifts and there is also a great selection of festive food and drink to enjoy on your way around. On this occasion I got a nice hot chocolate, but we didn’t hang around for long as it was so busy.

A successful day. All the shopping is done .. now bring on the Christmas fun!

Red Squirrel, 21 Lothian Road, Edinburgh, EH1 2DJ

Christmas Market, East Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh, EH2 2HG