Ruins on Cammo Estate in Edinburgh

A Walk Around Cammo Estate

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Sun 23 Apr 2017

Cammo Estate was once a grand home with beautiful grounds. It was built in 1693 and privately owned until the 1970s, when it was left to the National Trust for Scotland in state of disrepair. In the 80s the local council owned it, and they declared it a Wilderness Park. The site is now open to visitors free of charge. Today was a lovely sunny day and I went along for a nice family walk with my husband and 2 young children.

Cammo Tower against blue sky

We started by heading towards the old water tower known as Cammo Tower. We have often seen this when driving past and always meant to take a closer look. It is the best condition structure on the estate, although now it is home to roosting birds. The kids loved looking up at ‘Rapunzel’s Tower’. Behind it there is a man-made hill with nice views from the top, which my husband and daughter walked up. I couldn’t get up there with my son in the buggy unfortunately.

Then we set off around the rest of the estate. We used the footpath and a mobile app to find our way around, as the site covers a large area and isn’t sign-posted. The grounds are lovely and tranquil, with lots of wildlife to see along the way.

Cammo Curling Pond

There’s not very much left of Cammo House, as a fire in 1977 destroyed most of it. The stable building is also in ruin, and the walled garden is wild and overgrown. Despite its dilapidated state, the place is fascinating explore. There are glimpses here and there of what the estate must have been like in its prime – including a curling pond for winter sports and a Pinetum of exotic trees, collected from around the world.

Cammo Pinetum

We spent about an hour at Cammo Estate. It was a really interesting and peaceful walk, easy enough for my 4 year old and accessible in most parts with a buggy.

Cammo Estate, Cammo Road, Edinburgh, EH4 8AW