Mural on wall at Radisson Blu Hotel in Edinburgh

Burger & Fringe

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Sun 21 Aug 2016

The Fringe Festival is here again! So I went into town with two friends last night to soak up the atmosphere. We met at the Radisson Blu Hotel for some dinner. I’ve always liked the Itchycoo Bar and Kitchen there, but was interested to visit their new pop-up restaurant Burger & Fringe which is open just for the month of August. It’s on the Royal Mile, the perfect location for some festival fun.

Burger and Fringe

Although it was very busy when we arrived, we found a nice quiet table towards the back. The restaurant is modern in design, with a brilliant mural on the wall showing the sights of Edinburgh. There were nine special burgers to choose from: Candy & Bacon, Flaming Cow, Italian Job, Highlander, Big Smoke, Blue ‘N Black, Blu Classic, Portobello and Chick P. I went for the Big Smoke. Prime Scotch beef burger with cheddar, crispy bacon, pulled pork in BBQ sauce, crispy fried onions and chilli mayo inside a brioche bun. It was really tasty, although a little difficult to eat, as there was lots of sauce and it kept falling apart. Finally, for dessert I had the Chocolate and Banana Crunch Sundae. Loads of ice-cream, chocolate and banana, with berries and maltesers. Soooo good!

Burger and Fringe

I really liked how everything was themed around the festival. The menu looked like a page from the Fringe programme and our meals arrived with little tickets giving the name of each burger. I love that kind of thing, it all looked great. The staff were really friendly and attentive and we had a lovely time. We were all absolutely stuffed afterwards, ready for an evening of festivalling.

A two course meal and drinks came to £23 per person. The Burger & Fringe menu is available until the end of the festival. After that, Itchycoo at the Radisson Blu resumes normal service, but it’s still a nice bar to visit all year round.

Radisson Blu, 80 High Street, The Royal Mile, Edinburgh, EH1 1TH