Brewers Fayre Newhaven

Brewers Fayre Newhaven Quay

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Mon 16 Jan 2017

Over the weekend my husband and I took the kids out for lunch. We were looking for somewhere family-friendly with a good play area, as our almost two-year-old doesn’t sit still in restaurants and can cause all sorts of trouble if there’s nothing to keep him amused. Someone recommended the Brewers Fayre at Newhaven Quay as they have a large soft play area with tables opposite, so you can sit and relax while the kids run riot. It worked out really well for us. As soon as we arrived they couldn’t wait to get in there. They came out briefly to eat their lunch and then dived straight back. They had a brilliant time and I got to eat my food in peace – it was great!

Brewers Fayre

My husband and I both had the New Yorker beef burger topped with streaky bacon and melted cheese, served with coleslaw and chips. The kids had Tomato Pasta Blasta, served with veggie sticks and garlic bread. We were happy with the food and service, which was average for this type of pub. We would definitely go back, mainly because of the brilliant play area. It came to about £40 for all four of us, including drinks, which we thought was good value.

Afterwards, we went for a walk along the Newhaven Quay waterfront. It was a sunny but very cold day and there were lovely views over the water. A great family day out!

Newhaven Edinburgh

Brewers Fayre, Newhaven Quay, Edinburgh, EH6 4TX