Rock Garden with Edinburgh Castle in the distance
Credit: Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

A Sunny Day at The Botanics

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Tue 8 Jul 2014

It was a sunny day so we decided on a family trip to the beautiful Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh. We have been there many times before and it is always a great day out. At this time of year it is particularly lovely and colourful, just perfect for a walk in the sunshine.

Glasshouse at Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh

They don’t allow jogging, cycling, ball games, dogs (except assistance dogs) etc in the garden, so everything is very tranquil and peaceful. My one year old daughter really enjoyed toddling around, looking at all the trees and flowers. Away from the dangers of traffic, she was able to explore at her own pace. This makes it a very popular place for young families.

We walked round the whole garden, which was blooming and filled with colour. They work very hard, constantly changing and renovating the garden to keep it at its best.

The latest development I noticed is the re-building of the ‘Botanic Cottage’ due for completion next year. 250 years ago the Botanics was located on Leith Walk, and when it moved to its current location in the early 1820s the cottage at the entrance of the old site was obviously left behind. Recently the disused building has been under threat of demolition. But a community campaign saved it, and now they are moving it brick by brick to the current site. They are also planning to replant the entire Herbaceous Border, which has been under attack from bindweed for some time. They will replant it with a rainbow of colour running from red to violet, which I’m sure will be beautiful. This just shows some of the work and dedication that makes the place so special.

Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

After a long walk we had lunch at the Terrace Cafe, which is a self-service canteen with outdoor seating. It was very busy, but we managed to get a table. We bought 2 sandwiches and a bottle of coke which came to about £10. We found this quite expensive, but entry to the garden is free so we didn’t really mind. Many families had brought their own picnics and were having them out on the lawn nearby, which would have been a nice thing to do if I’d thought ahead. There’s an idea for next time!

Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, Arboretum Place, Edinburgh, EH3 5NZ