Blue Goose Edinburgh

The Blue Goose Country Pub

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Thu 26 Jun 2014

We recently went out for lunch to The Blue Goose on Lanark Road, just past Slateford. It’s located on the banks of the Colinton Dell walkway, opposite the Water of Leith Visitor Centre.

At first we sat in the bar area, which has nice comfy couches and a view out to the patio at the back. The pub is dog friendly, which is great as it is situated near the Water of Leith walkway, which is popular with dog walkers. It’s perhaps not so good on a rainy day though, as there was a strong smell of wet dog. So we moved to the restaurant area, which was much better. It had quite a different feel, decorated a bit like an antique shop.

I didn’t want anything too heavy, so I ordered a sandwich from the Bar Menu. I went for the Blue Goose Club – a ciabatta filled with chicken, bacon, egg, tomato and pepper mayonnaise with salad and hand cut chips on the side. The sandwich was really nice. I’ve never had egg in a club sandwich before, but I thought it went well. The chips were the best bit, thin cut and crispy with the potato skins left on.

Blue Goose Club Sandwich

I looked at reviews before we went and noticed a few complaints about the service, but I thought it was fine. Nothing amazing, but the same as you get in most pubs. Very nice lunch, I would go back.

The Blue Goose, 27 Lanark Road, Edinburgh, EH14 1TG