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Baby Ballet v Monkey Music

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Fri 29 Aug 2014

I’ve been looking for a nice class to join with my almost 2 year old daughter. Something that is fun, stimulating and good for her development. She already has swimming lessons every weekend, so I thought about a music and dance based activity for during the week. The two which stood out in the Edinburgh area were Baby Ballet and Monkey Music. So, I decided to do trials of both and choose our favourite to continue with.

Baby Ballet

First we took a three week trial at Baby Ballet which cost £15 in total, so £5 per week. This is the same price as a normal class but without the £10 membership charge or the commitment to continue for a full term.

We joined the Tiny Toes class which is suitable for toddlers aged 18 months to 3 years. There were 5 girls in our class, which allowed the instructor Miss Claire to give them all individual attention. She had a nice way with the children and was very encouraging of them. She went through a few nursery-rhyme-style songs in the half hour session, showing them basic ballet moves and incorporating fun props including tamberines, coloured scarves and magic wands.

The first two classes were quite difficult for my daughter to get into. She was very shy at first and unsure of what to do. She joined in here and there, but spent a lot of time hiding behind me and there were a few tears. But by the third week it just seemed to click. She followed the actions to the songs really well and was laughing and enjoying herself. I felt really proud watching her follow along and do so well! I can understand why they recommended a three week trial, as it just took some time for her to get familiar and comfortable with it.

Baby Ballet

Monkey Music

We then had a trial Monkey Music class, which was free of charge. After that classes are £6.75 per week plus an optional membership charge of £8.50 which includes a t-shirt and CD.

We joined the Jiggety-Jig class for ages 2 to 3. There were about 15 children in the class and they were given name badges so the teacher Morgan could speak (and sing) to them all by name. She was very friendly and had a lovely singing voice. She introduced us to lots of new and catchy songs, which mostly centre around the monkey character, which is the Monkey Music mascot. There were actions to all the songs and also the chance to play with musical instruments such as drums and maracas.

After 3 weeks at Monkey Music, I think my daughter is becoming more confident, as she was not shy at all this week. She was dancing and following the actions right from the start. She really seemed to enjoy herself. In fact, I now feel quite torn. I’m not sure which class to choose afterall. I think she loves them both!

Monkey Music

Both classes are very well thought out – with really great instructors, catchy music and fun dances. I can’t decide between them, so I think we are going to finish this term at Baby Ballet and then switch to Monkey Music next term. I would thoroughly recommend taking trials at both. We have had a lot of fun!