Arthurs Seat

A Walk up Arthur’s Seat

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Fri 3 Feb 2017

We recently went for a family walk up Arthur’s Seat, an ancient Volcano and the highest point in Holyrood Park. This has always been a favourite place of ours.  Although we haven’t walked up there with the kids before, as it would be impossible to take a buggy. Our youngest is almost 2, so he can walk really well now and for the first time we thought we’d all manage the walk.

Dunsapie Loch

We drove part way up and parked the car on Queen’s Drive by Dunsapie Loch. This is a lovely stretch of water in Holyrood Park with swans and ducks. From here, it is quite a short walk to the top of Arthur’s Seat. We didn’t want to go right to the top. The last part would be difficult and probably quite dangerous with little children. But we had a nice little route planned which takes about 20 minutes. From the loch, we walked up towards the summit, but from Piper’s Walk we turned down onto The Dry Dam and then back to Queen’s Drive.

Arthurs Seat

It was a lovely cold, crisp day – sunny when we arrived but then quite foggy as we walked. It’s always popular up there for walks, but there’s lots of space so never crowded. The kids did really well walking up the steep bits, in fact we had a job keeping up with our 4 year old. The scenery is lovely on the walk and from higher ground you get a beautiful view of the whole city.

My husband and I have been on a walk up Arthur’s Seat right to the summit on a few occasions and it’s definitely worth the effort. We’ll take the kids to the top when they’re a bit older. The views are even better from there and you can get some great pictures.

Arthur’s Seat, Holyrood Park, Edinburgh, EH8 8AL