Figures on top of the Ross Fountain in Edinburgh

The All New Ross Fountain

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Thu 19 Jul 2018

The Ross Fountain is a large French-made water feature, which gunmaker Daniel Ross purchased at a world fair in London over 150 years ago and gifted to the city of Edinburgh. Since 1872 it has stood in front of Edinburgh Castle in Princes Street Gardens.

mermaids around the fountain

The faded golden fountain stopped working about ten years ago and was taken away to be repaired last year. It returned with a new colour scheme of turquoise, copper and brown, inspired by other French fountains that were made around the same time. There have been mixed reactions to the new colours, but I really like it. The intricate figures and other details stand out more and it looks really striking.

Newly refurbished Ross Fountain in front of Edinburgh Castle

This was the first time I had seen the Ross Fountain flowing with water for many years. It looked absolutely brilliant! I am so pleased that the Ross Development Trust, an organisation which was formed to revamp Princes Street Gardens, was able to restore this amazing landmark back to full working order. It was no small task! The whole structure had to be taken apart and each of the 122 pieces repaired, repainted and put back together. The foundations had to be completely rebuilt too.

Surprisingly, having being switched back on only two weeks ago, there is already some wear to the turquoise paint around the bottom of the fountain. I just hope the paint is durable enough to last through Edinburgh’s changeable seasons. We will soon find out.

It’s wonderful that this historic landmark has been saved for future generations to enjoy. And really magical to see it working again. Here’s to the next 150 years!

Ross Fountain, Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh, EH2 2HG